PPC In 2014

//PPC In 2014

PPC In 2014

While SEO continues to face more problems and endless fighting with Penguins, Pandas, and Hummingbirds, pay per click (PPC) is going from strength to strength. As paid search continues to take market share away from organic and with PPC click through rates only set to increase, any serious business should be carefully considering where to invest for future growth. PPC might just be the answer. We think it often is and so encourage anyone wondering how to take their business growth forward in 2014 to head over to our new PPC website to see how we can help manage your PPC strategy and bring you the valuable traffic your business needs.

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I work at Nebstone where I specialise in PPC. If you have any questions about PPC I can try and answer them - you can get me on Twitter and Google+ or alternatively drop me an email.

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